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July 29, 2007


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Kristi Walters

It is so wonderful to hear from another who is aware of the perfect balance of nature and how it balances naturally. Keep up the wonderful writing!


I used to have a kitchen spider that lived in a corner of my kitchen window for a year. When its web got too big and filled with unsightly stuff for me, I'd knock it down. By the next day the spider would have a new, tidy web up and ready to catch any fruit flies. Your blog is quite nice, the insight in your commentaries, refreshing.

Chris Wemmer

My colleague, Mike Robinson, made me aware of the fact that spiders can become fat. (I'm sure you are aware of this--but a little zootrivia never hurts). He studied the orb weaver Nephila in New Guinea, and learned that Papuans roast the big spiders in bamboo tubes. When hot and juicy they make a nutritious snack.

I must say that from a zoologist's perspective, "old diseased houses" are the most interesting, if not the best human habitations.

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