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July 07, 2008


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Thanks for this article. :)

Ann Vole

To address the lack of numbers for test subjects and to allow a wide variety of people around the world to conduct independent research on the same conditions but different individual animals, I hope to develop computer interactions with animal species already known to communicate verbally namely the Richardson Ground Squirrel. I will raise these animals as pets in a fairly close-to-natural environment and set up for people to communicate with them via chat and computer interpretation software and computer generated calls and voice recognition. To prepare such a project, I will be studying what you have concluded about prairie dog language.

Ben Cluff

Dr. Slobodchikoff,
I don't know if you remember me, but I took Animal Behavior and Why Save the Prarie Dogs from you in about 2005. I was reading a article today about animal communication and remembered you ard your work with PD's. I googled you name and saw your blog. I just thought that I would drop you a line and say hello. Hope that all is going well for you in you research.
I remember having a conversation with you one day after the PD class and we were talking about hunt, specially shooting PD's. I was amazed at the passion that you had for the animals. It had never bothered me before to shot a PD, but out of respect for you and your studies I haven't shot a PD since that talk. I do however still hunt, and feel nothing is wrong with that, but the PD's can live on. I appreciate your passion for life. I believe that God has given us this earth to be stewards over it and the animals. Sometimes we can do a better job. I am so far right that is it good to have people with passion such as yourself to help me meet in the middle on equal ground.
I am currently starting my 3rd year of medical school and have a beautiful wife and 2 children. I hope the best for you.
Ben Cluff

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