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July 19, 2009


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Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Essential Oils)

Nature truly has its own stories to tell. It has the power to bring us into the present moment. This is true whether you're going for a walk in the woods, or smelling the scents of nature through essential oils (which I'm partial to as an aromatherapist). Thanks for keeping it real!

Randall Johnson

Thanks for reminding us that nature has the power to lead us back to "Now" moments and that these moments have a much-needed calming effect. The world today moves so fast--perhaps too fast for our own good. And a big part of it is directed toward the future. Plan for the future. Save for the future. By working your butt off today. Never mind there is less and less time for family, let alone friends. Produce now! And more tomorrow!
And thanks for the movie review. Although I've enjoyed the "Harry Potter" films up to now, I won't waste my time and money on this installment.

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