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February 23, 2010


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Marek Kapusta | O Naturze

Wow, it's really amazing to see how animals cope with the environment. This video is breathtaking for me and I would love to read more from this blog :-)
As for the animals - my father told me about jackdaws who knew how to open locked glass bottle of milk. He saw them back in the 50s when in Poland fresh milk was being delivered right to your doors. What's more interesting the bottles were covered with a silver tinfoil. Animals can be really surprising :)


it is so great to know so much from this blog.he is well written in this blog.and the video link is give is so much cute hope we see more article like this.

Saltwater Aquarium


I reckon we'll end up finding hundreds of animal species that use tools. Even dogs. I stayed on a farm once with a sheepdog outside that woke us up every morning by banging its bowl incessantly against a metal post, demanding to be fed. And aren't birds' nests a clever use of the building materials?

Daniel Smithbower

Excellent blog! Found this post quite interesting and extremely well-written, as always ... AND ... the video link put the icing on the cake! You almost don't believe it until you see it. There ARE several steps and it certainly takes some time and "intelligence" to master, as the young monkeys show nothing but mimicry at first, erroneously using nut shells to beat on stones. Also, it's amazing how the threat of Jaguar attack is constant, yet the capuchins counter by subsequently choosing such a strategic location to work from.

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