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June 25, 2010


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Randall Johnson

It's inconceivable that anyone would advocate parents to stop vaccinating their children for ANY reason at all, least of all for the lame motives outlined in the Naturism comment. In case anyone has forgotten, diseases such as polio, diphtheria, measles, and whooping cough can lead to paralysis, pneumonia, brain damage, heart problems, and even death in children who are not protected.

Some people believe that natural immunization yields better results than vaccinations. BUT there's a price to pay! A natural chickenpox infection can lead to pneumonia. A natural polio infection can cause permanent paralysis. A natural mumps infection can lead to deafness. A natural Hib infection can result in permanent brain damage. Vaccination can help prevent these diseases and their potentially serious complications, and it's always better to prevent them than to treat then after they've developed.

When immunization drops, the diseases come back. Case in point: Following a decline in whooping cough immunization in Great Britain in 1974, there was an outbreak of the disease that killed 36 people in 1978

Diseases don't respect borders between countries and they certainly wouldn't be deterred by the isolated communities suggested by the author, even with quarantine efforts in place.

Like it or not, we all belong to a society and our society depends on everyone working together to ensure that we are all safe.

And although I don't know for sure, it's a pretty safe bet that the Naturism author was vaccinated as a child and grew into adulthood without suffering from these diseases. Should that be the case, it strikes me as being hypocritical, perhaps even recklessly indifferent to the welfare of others, for anyone to suggest that parents knowingly deny this protection to their children, especially in furtherance of some vacuous ideal.


Dear People of the World,

Introducing the true faith of Naturism.

Naturism is the only way for man to become one with the world. Let the heavens witness this oath of Naturism and our fullest wish to be at harmony chemically, electronically with the world.

To preserve future generations of humanity in their original genetic form, this association will be for the purposes of parents of un-vaccinated children to marry and procreate without the mutative effects of vaccines. Form your own communities to the right to not be vaccinated, though expect to be made to comply with quarantine laws as well for the health of communities outside and inside your own newly formed un-vaccinated one. You will represent a genetic elite in time.

Parents of un-vaccinated children please set up your own Marriage Arrangement Association, so that your generation of children will have life partners free from mutation to populate this world with natural human beings.

To reach naturalization of the human being, we hope this movement, alongside natural organic food, herbs in place of pharmaceuticals and or breastfeeding or other similar naturalist movements gains popularity and displaced the unnatural systems of government we face and unnatural life paradigms we are forced to live.

Buy land, grow natural crops, live by subsistence methods, renew and compost your own waste, abide by laws, vote for parliamentarians that will ensure laws protect you. Be familiar with local authorities and let local authorities know you well also.

We are aware that this movement may not be viable in non-Amish form societies and for all religions, races and cultures, to set up your very own, electromagnetic free, artificial pesticide and artificial fertilizer free and vaccine free, mutation free people.

Be aware of the risks one takes in joining this faith. Sudden infections (measles, small pox, diptheria, cholera etc.) deaths of entire communitys may occur from time to time if immune systems are weak, so keep well rested, healthy and clean my Naturalist brethren.

Such sad events hopefully will be natural and not 'outside world' inspired attacks with the same diseases and viruses wil not occur to prove the point of fascist

GMO companies, transhumanist or vaccine company fanatics. And in this I bid all who seek purity and natural coexistence with Mother Nature to be firm and polite with all unfriendly governments, detractors and potential attackers, to appeal to what remains of their human side in peace and respect, even while they disrespect or are abusive to you.

Seek to alter legislation to allow yourselves to be one with nature, meanwhile all friendly men with conscience, do try to ensure your fellow citizens inw whatever nation on this great planet called Earth have the opportunity to live in this fully Natural manner as well.

There are many Patriarchs as I though, not all have evaded the legalized onslaught of vaccines and had access to nothing but unnatural foods. I hope that they will enable mankind to one day live as pure and unaltered as Mother Nature intended. The faith of the Naturalists grows and everyone followers abound.

Wish only well, and don't be addicted to anything including computer games and electronics!

Kindest wishes to all Mankind,

An Atriarch of Naturalism


you are so genious for giving the such information

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